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I just want to say that OptionVue 7 is really a brilliant product and extremely helpful.  There are times when I can’t believe how beautifully it is designed.
J.O. - Santa Rosa, CA

“It was one of the best financial decisions I’ve ever made.  At first, I was struggling with my trading. It wasn’t until I learned options strategies from DiscoverOptions that things turned around for me. I’ve made millions since taking the course”
J. O. - Westmount, Quebec

I am impressed with how well your team listens to us users out here. A few years ago while talking to a technician about a problem that I was having, I shared my desire for the standard deviation coloring to be set as a default instead of needing to turn on the setting each time we entered the program. Bingo! Shortly after that the program was upgraded so that our personal setting was retained with each session. With the changes in the Analyze screen, I immediately shot off a quick and emotional e-mail so that your team would know my level of frustration with the changes. Bingo--again! All of those concerns were addressed with the latest modifications. Responses like this give us users a feeling of ownership in the program. There is no better promotional program than service like what your team provides. You make my annual renewal automatic!
G.C. - Three Forks, MT

After many years of experience with OptionVue’s software, it has proven to be very productive for me. And, it stands alone at the top of my list of software programs for options functionality, versatility, and ease of use.
A.C. – Palm Springs, CA

A fabulous program -- clear, understandable, easy to learn and use. OptionVue contains superior models.
D.M. – Seattle, WA

OptionVue is a powerful program and yet it is very versatile and user friendly. I highly recommend it.
D.S. - Fletcher, NC

OptionVue flows effortlessly, smoothly, seamlessly! Within 2 hours I was fully versed with the product; it was so intuitively designed.
B.D. – San Antonio, TX

DiscoverOptions taught me strategies that their mentors use in their own trading and money management practices.  After trading for 25 years, I can tell you that you just don’t run into that very often.  The curriculum is well structured and the homework really helped solidify my understanding.  I heartily recommend this program.
R.D - Tuscan, AZ

After years of frustration and hours of searching for answers on how to trade options more successfully, I learned about the Mentoring Program  offered by DiscoverOptions.  I was ready to quit and move on to something else, but this program has changed all that!  The Mentoring program has been the wisest investment I’ve ever made in my trading adventures. Learning the key elements and strategic risk management principles necessary for trading options has given me a renewed zeal for this business of trading.  I am telling everyone I know who trades options, or wants to, that this should be their first investment.  Thanks Steve L., Ken, and Steve P., you guys put it out there for us to grab hold of and I’ll be a student for many years to come!
R. B - Baton Rouge, La.

I'm a senior NCO in the armed forces and enjoy trading with this fantastic program. I can only speak for the inexperienced options trader; but I can't imagine ANYONE trying to do this without a program like OptionVue.
H.A. – Austin, TX

I just got your trial, and subscribed the other day. I just thought you might like to know that I've found your entire process to be one of the most pleasant I've encountered. Including your follow-up calls, it's all been handled with a very nice approach and attention to the customer's needs. Thanks.
J.E., Jr. – St. Louis, MO

Very few companies call the customer after the sale and say, “Hey, how are you doing with the package?” You are really first rate. Your level of service and general interest is terrific!
P.L., Atlanta, GA

Using the program versus not using it is like a pilot flying blind on an airline!
H.H. - San Jose, CA

I’ve found you guys more responsive than anyone in your industry. You actually answer questions in a way I can understand.
M.A. – Pittsburgh, PA

OptionVue is a great tool for determining the best option positions to take on the equities you are following. The product is easy to use, and OptionVue has great technical support!
M.H. - Broken Arrow, OK

What makes it real easy to use OptionVue 7 is the ability to flip between my positions and my accounts. I can also look at volatility charts and pull ‘em up over the price charts you’ve built into the program. I watch the market implied volatility numbers in the matrix, and compare them with the six-year historical highs and lows of volatility. My dream is to open my own brokerage business some day and have all of my clients trading options!
G.G – Portland, OR

I have experimented with many computer programs trying to locate an easy to use options analysis program. I found OptionVue to be far superior to all of the other programs for ease of use and the accuracy of the calculations.
G. H. - Memphis, TN

You have addicted me. I have entered most of my outstanding trades into OptionVue and I have been evaluating my adjustments using the analyze screen. I don't think I can live without it! OptionVue is very feature rich and I have been exploring the functionality and reading the manuals, in addition to using it, on a daily basis.
B.P. - Bannockburn, IL

Thanks for all your help with OptionVue. I've tested just about all the popular programs and found your to simply be "the best". But a software solution is more than code; the customer service, attention to detail, and "high touch" of everyone I've come in contact with at OptionVue Systems has assured me that my OptionVue experience will be pleasant for years to come.
H.S. - Bridgewater, CT

I have found OptionVue to be, by far, the finest product on the market. For one thing, the charts contain all the information necessary to make intelligent decisions and nothing extraneous. This information is arranged logically and can be manipulated easily when doing "what if" analysis. More importantly, the data used by the program in calculating volatility is accessible and can be modified to fit my needs. This gives me great confidence that the "market prices" generated by the program are realistic.
J. R. - Cincinnati, OH

This program is very user friendly. As I get more acquainted with OptionVue, I continue to get better in my trading. There are a lot of areas that are useful that, as a beginner, I didn’t see. I get really good information from OptionVue; for example, I can go to Trade Finder and look at all the strategies. I feel a lot more comfortable being able to use more than just one strategy. It’s a lot better than OptionStation from Omega, which I sent back.
P.M. - Scottsdale, AZ

If you’re going to trade options, you might as well get the best! OptionVue has saved me from a lot of bad trades.
J.U. – Omaha, NE

I am especially impressed with the matrix and what it shows. Compared to what I had before, this is like going from a stagecoach to a Lexus!
D.K. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Your program is much more "visual" than the others I tried. By visual, I mean you don’t have to be a computer guru to take advantage of the many powerful features that OptionVue has. The "Trade Finder" function has pointed me in the direction of trades that I would have never been aware of, and more than once has paid for itself. In fact, I am continuing to find more ways to use the program to its fullest capabilities. OptionVue is a pleasure to work with and has become my best trading partner.
M.B. – Los Angeles, CA

OptionVue has more complete information provided automatically than any other options program. There is nothing else that gives me the ability to make a decisive trade quickly.
J.S. – Nashua, NH

Without OptionVue I feel I couldn’t trade. The program is rich with features that make my options trading comprehensible. And it allows me to accurately manage my account. With this time-effective solution, there is never a roadblock to my needs!
J.G. – San Jose, CA

We have been using OptionVue for several years and have enjoyed the profits from using the software over and over again. From time to time we evaluate some of the software packages that compete with OptionVue. We still feel OptionVue is not only head and shoulders above the competition, but is far easier to use – very important to option traders who value time and place much faith in the OptionVue probability / forecasting features.
Excel Equity LP

OptionVue has been incredibly accurate in virtually every computation this season... so much so, it seems at times uncanny! I always stick with OptionVue, simply because it is by far easier to use, more accurate, dependable, and has more flexibility than all the other options programs put together. You all at OptionVue Systems Int'l. deserve great praise for producing the very best option software in the world.
D.S. - Albany, GA

The overriding impression is of a robust, top quality product that doesn’t gloss over the infuriating exceptions and snags that beset option markets, but addresses them head on. It has all the hallmarks of something built by traders who are also programmers – rather than just the latter.
Andy Webb (Futures and Options World Magazine)

I definitely need this! When I was making trades without OptionVue, I won a few, I lost a few. So far the trades I’ve made with OptionVue are all winners!
R.C. – Boston, MA

OptionVue's Portfolio Manager is a great tool to help manage my portfolio of covered write positions.
M.L. - Winter Garden, FL

I find OptionVue's Volatility Charts essential to my daily options trading. The visual representation of volatility levels indicates the relative overvalued or undervalued levels of the option chain.
P.G. -- Stamford, CT

As usual, OptionVue’s analytics are impeccable – that is you can be sure that their math is correct when analyses are done.
Lawrence G. McMillan is a noted author, speaker and trading advisor, recognized around the world as a front-line expert on options trading.

The last few months have been one of growth for my business, especially in the FCOJ (JO) part of the business. As a result, I have been using OptionVue many times each day. The JO market is sometimes thinly traded and can be quite volatile. Since the bulk of my work is with the options, it is extremely important to me to get accurate theoretical values on all the FCOJ options. With OptionVue, I do.
J.K. -- Chicago, IL

As a professional trader, I find OptionVue the best and most user-friendly program I have used. The customer service compared to your competitors is also tremendous. With them I spent literally hours on hold trying to get something accomplished. Plus, options have an uncanny predictive value, and we have found your OpScan service to be invaluable. After spotting a stock with OpScan, we loaded up on the calls, and the stock jumped from 38 to 68 ½ in the next week. The only reason we did this trade was because of OpScan. It is like taking candy from a baby.
G. H. - Washington DC

OptionVue and DiscoverOptions offers the ultimate mentoring package available. The first step in my search for a mentoring program was to source the very best minds in the options field.  When I discovered OptionVue, what I recognized was a team of extremely knowledgeable, dedicated personnel willing and able to professionally and patiently guide mentoring students from any level of trading to a level of proficiency using tested, logical strategies.  The mentors are experienced, successful active traders, trading in yesterday’s and today’s markets using the same tools offered the OptionVue mentoring student.  My questions are always answered in a timely manner with clarity and enthusiasm.  Frankly, I never hesitate to recommend this program and its support services to all my friends and colleagues in the business. Keep up the good work!
R.S - Chicago, IL
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